What is KSA?

Knowledge skills and attitudes (100-KSA) is a new subject area recently introduced as a compulsory module for students studying for their 2021 syllabus examinations. It explores the pilot competencies, the non-technical aspects that airline pilots are assessed against. There is no associated EASA exam, but your school is required to score you against the ICAO competencies prior to your final exam.


The KSA module is completed on ATPdigital as a part of your module 1 studies. The lessons will describe the concept, the ICAO competencies and how to operate within them. You will explore the following topics during your KSA studies.

  • Application of Procedures
  • Communications
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Situational Awareness and Workload Management
  • Application of knowledge, UPRT and Resilience


You will be assessed throughout your course using the behavioural indicators in the ICAO competencies during contact time during the online /classroom-based revision courses.

At the end of the course, you will receive a mental arithmetic test and a multi-choice summative assessment. Under EASA regulations, this assessment must be completed prior to booking your final exams.


IMPORTANT for students who started on the old syllabus exams 

EASA have told Austro Control that those candidates who took old syllabus exams (2016) but have yet to complete the series, and therefore need to sit their remaining papers on the new syllabus, also require certification from their ATO that they have completed the KSA elements. As these candidates will have no knowledge of either the ICAO competencies or KSA we have created a longer module which includes the training element. Specifically, it includes:

  • The nine lessons and the progress test from the KSA training module
  • A mental arithmetic revision lesson
  • The mental arithmetic test
  • A summative assessment briefing lesson
  • The summative assessment itself


If you want this extended training and testing module allocated, please email the request to support@bristol.gs. Once again there will be no additional charge.