Can I Study for an ATPL Online?

Choosing to pursue a career in aviation is a dream for many people eager to take to the skies. If you have already gained your private pilot’s licence, your next step will be building your flight hours and completing your ATPL.

Since the pandemic, many students have switched from a classroom environment to distance learning their ATPL online with the help of remote classroom tuition and online question banks.

Bristol Groundschool moved all classes online in March 2020 and has continued to invest in, and improve our remote ATPL theory course. On the BGS modular ATPL online course, students receive similar ground school hours as a full-time course (65 hours required) through in-person or online revision weeks. Students also get access to over 200 hours of pre-recorded, subject-based webinars and a 12-month subscription to BGSonline, Bristol Groundschool’s online ATPL question bank.

Online learning can be flexible to suit your needs and lifestyle with the option to study at your own pace. It can also cost less than a traditional classroom-taught course as everything you do is online, therefore removing the cost of travelling and overnight accommodation.


How does Bristol Groundschool teach ATPL Online?

BGS Webinar Library

BGS students are able to access a library of over 200 hours covering the ATPL/CPL syllabus of pre-recorded webinars at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.

BGS Webinar library is now available to watch on-demand with a BGS Webinar Library subscription – with no need to be a student of BGS.

Find out more or start your subscription today.


Revision Weeks

Online revision courses are run every month and are available to BGS students as part of their course. They are usually held a week before the UK CAA exams. The purpose of the intensive revision course is to consolidate students’ learning, correct any misunderstandings and prepare for the exams. While intensive, the results speak for themselves – most Bristol Groundschool students pass all the exams first time.



With our ATPL distance learning course, you can progress at your own pace, using our state-of-the-art computer-based training (CBT) software –ATPdigital. ATPdigital contains the lessons and progress tests that you need to complete during your ATPL course. It features an in-built question bank and testing, interactive diagrams and videos to make studying immersive and engaging to help prepare you fully for your exams.



To aid our students’ studies, we provide them with a free 12-month subscription to our extensive ATPL question bank, BGSonline. The question bank contains over 15,000 questions, each with detailed explanations to help students revise for their exams. 


What do our students say about their online ATPL course?

Mathew Ross studying ATPL online“The new completely online training option at Bristol Groundschool is a great choice for students. It provides you with maximum flexibility to study around your family and work commitments and you don’t need to travel and incur those extra expenses. Bristol were the last ATO offering exams before lock-down and the first to restart. Without the webinars, online revision courses and help from fantastic instructors I would never have done so well in my exams. With their help, I finished my ATPL’s on the first sitting when BGS re-opened. I have now completed my studies, all whilst working full-time in Flight Operations. Well done BGS for leading the way again.”

Matthew Ross, Former Bristol Groundschool Student



“I attended a Bristol Groundschool online revision week and wondered how it would be. I anticipated problems with poor quality streaming or getting distracted as I was studying at home but I was surprised to find myself totally ‘in the zone’. I am self employed and the new online course has allowed me to study around my work, in my spare time. I am delighted I can complete my course online, I much prefer this, than to go back to tuition in the classroom, particularly as it has saved me a considerable amount of money and traveling time and the instruction is equally as good.”

Sam Blake, Former Bristol Groundschool Student



Richard Harper studying for his ATPL online

“There is no difference in the high quality of the BGS classroom tuition by attending the school or joining the online classes; I have done both. The webinars and the flexible online revision options have meant I can complete my studies around my job and in my own home environment. The recorded webinars are a valuable resource to refer back to for detailed instruction at one’s own convenience, for previously viewed and interacted subject instruction.”

– Richard Harper, Former Bristol Groundschool Student




Ready to take your next step?

 Bristol Groundschool is a world leader in modular tuition for fixed-wing and helicopter pilots. Our extensive and innovative suite of learning materials contains all the knowledge you need for success, allowing you to learn at your own pace and track your progress with ease.

With the option for online-only tuition, you can choose to fit your studies around existing commitments too – no matter where you are in the world.

We turn today’s students into tomorrow’s pilots. And we can do the same for you.

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