ATPdigital Introduction

ATPdigital is Bristol Groundschool’s Computer Based Training (CBT) software. It is available in MS Windows, Apple Mac OS and Apple iPad versions.

It has been used to provide the theory training material for all types of professional pilot licence theory courses for many years, be they distance learning modular, taught modular or integrated ATPL or MPL courses.  We have versions for ATPL(A), ATPL(H)/IR, CPL(A), CPL(H) and IR and PPL courses.

When you log in to ATPdigital you will land on the ‘Dashboard’ – below. On the ATPdigital dashboard, you can see your course progress on the right of the page.  You can navigate between the modules and lessons contained within your course on the left of the dashboard.

You can amend the progress dates for each module by pressing the edit dates icon at the top of the graph next to My Progress, if your school has not put you in a class.

You can navigate between your course modules by clicking on the the drop-down menu located at the top left of the dashboard, to launch a lesson simply click on your chosen lesson.

ATPdigital consists of lessons and progress tests, arranged in one or more ‘modules’ or ‘phases’.  The order of lessons and progress tests, and distribution of subjects across the modules can be arranged to suit you or your school’s requirements.

In general terms, the materials are arranged into ‘topics’: there will be one or more CBT lessons in each topic, followed by a progress test.  Each lesson concludes with a short quiz which is used by students to check their understanding and by the system to denote that a lesson is complete when the quiz has been passed.



On the ‘Dashboard’ you will see, in the bottom left corner of the screen, buttons for ‘Sync now’ and ‘Update content’.

[Sync] synchronises your progress across your devices and the admin system.

[Update] downloads any new updates/content that has been added to the App. This happens regularly.

If you are using ATPdigital on an iPad, we recommend you update the iPad content at the beginning of each session and synchronise it when you finish. The PC and Mac versions synchronise automatically when you are connected to the internet.

Below are some screen shots from ATPdigital to show you the key features and how they work.



There is a condensed version of the BGSonline question bank incorporated into ATPdigital. You can navigate to this from the dashboard by clicking the EXAMS icon at the bottom of the page. Here you can set yourself a small quiz or a full timed exam, the timed exams contain the number of questions that will be in your official exam. Use the review tests tab to view your previous tests taken during the course.

When you launch a lesson, you can navigate between the pages by using the arrows at the bottom left and right of each page.



There is a free text search option at the top of the page allowing you to search for a particular keyword within the lesson or the whole course if required. Each lesson incorporates images and some also feature videos, you can click on an image to see an expanded version of the image.



At the end of each lesson in ATPdigital, you are presented with a quiz to test which contains exam-style questions to test your understanding. When you get to the final page of the lesson click the next page icon and it will launch the menu displayed below. Select the [Start Quiz] icon to begin the quiz. If you would like to leave the lesson at any point you can press the x at the top right of the page, this will launch the menu below allowing you to end the lesson returning you to the main dashboard.

If you have any further questions or require technical support, please contact us and we will happily assist you.