How to Study the BGS Course

Once you have enrolled on the course you will be sent a series of emails containing the login details and download links for ATPdigital and BGSonline. When you have downloaded ATPdigital on your chosen device’s begin with the module lessons. The download links can be found here.


Using ATPdigital

Once logged into ATPdigital you are presented with your dashboard. This displays your progress and the percentage of lessons and tests you have completed to date. You can set yourself some target dates (Bristol Groundschool students only) to help you stay on track with your studies. You can amend the dates by pressing the edit dates icon above the progress graph. On the left side of the screen, you can navigate between the three modules and the lessons and tests within them.

At the end of each lesson, you will be presented with a small quiz to check your understanding. There are approx. 5 questions and the pass rate is 100%, you can redo the quizzes, if required, as often as required. At end of each section, you will encounter a longer progress test. The pass rate for progress tests is 75%, to reflect the pass rate in the authority exams, again these can be repeated as many times you need to pass.  Both the quizzes and progress tests feature exam-style questions.

You should start with the Maths & Physics module as this acts as a useful refresher if you have not studied these topics for some time. It will also expose you to the level of these two subjects you will encounter during the course.

Once complete progress to the module 1 lessons. The lessons are laid out randomly, meaning you will study a series of Meteorology lessons then move on to some instrumentation topics for example. You can study the course this way if you wish, alternatively you can study Meteorology in its entirety and then move on to study the three remaining module 1 subjects after.  At BGS we have created the syllabus our instructors feel is a logical and the most effective sequence to learn the subjects in.


Moving to the Question Bank – BGSonline

When you have completed the module 1 lessons and tests it is recommended to move your studies to BGSonline.

The question bank has been created using feedback from official exams to keep it relevant to the exams you are sitting. Each question features a detailed explanation to ensure understanding.

It is important to learn and understand the content of the syllabus first on ATPdigital as you may encounter questions in the official exams that require in-depth knowledge to answer. The question bank is a good tool to help you prepare for exams, but we advise against just remembering the questions.

The login details are the same as your ATPdigital credentials. Begin with small quizzes, building up to the full-timed exams for each subject. The full exams feature the number of questions you will be presented within your official exams with the same time allocation.

Login to BGSonline Here

Revision Courses

We offer both online and classroom-based revision courses, you can choose the option that suits you. Lessons and tests for the module you are studying need to be 100% complete on ATPdigital before attending your chosen course. You can book the course prior to completing the lessons and tests if you meet the requirements before the course start. Course bookings can be placed on our website here.

You need to complete a total of 650 hours of learning for your ATPL theory course. 10% (65 hours) of this must be live tuition by attending either online or in-person revision weeks. Please note that our pre-recorded classroom sessions do not count towards your live tuition requirement. The revision weeks are a mandatory part of our approved courses. These can be attended either online or at Bristol Groundschool in Clevedon, UK (excluding module 3, which is currently offered online only).


Included with the approved course you get access to BGS Webinar Library, a collection of over 200+ hours of ATPL/CPL recorded webinars. Watching these are not compulsory, but you can watch them if you have the time and would like extra tuition.

Booking Exams

When aiming for a UK licence the exams need to be sat with the UK CAA, these can be sat at any UK CAA   venue. Once you are ready to book your module 1 exams you will be required to register for a UK CAA portal account. Once logged in select BGS at your ATO, if you wish to sit your exams with us, when this has been approved you are free to book exams.

Students wishing to achieve an EASA licence can sit their exams with an EASA state of their choice. You will be required to contact your chosen state to start the registration process, they will issue you with paperwork that needs to be actioned by us to sign you off as ready for each module.

We are an Austro Control venue if you wish to sit the exams with us you can find out more here.


Knowledge skills and attitudes (100-KSA) is a new subject area recently introduced as a compulsory module for students studying for their 2021 syllabus examinations. It explores the pilot competencies, the non-technical aspects that airline pilots are assessed against.

There is no associated EASA exam, there is a module you need to complete on ATPdigital including an end of course mental maths and summative assessment. The KSA associated lessons and tests need to be completed prior to being signed off for your final exams.

Support During the Course

Our offices are open Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 16:30 BST we will be able to answer any questions you may have about the course or exams. We have a IT technical support department who can assist with any IT technical related matters. The relevant contact details can be found here.