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ATPdigital for Windows PC

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ATPdigital for iPad

The ‘CAPs’

The ‘CAPs’ are documents previously published by the UK CAA, containing planning data and charts for the aeroplane and helicopter types used in the EASA/UK CAA examinations. It used to be that you would be issued with one of these documents when you sat the appropriate examination. However, in UK exams the CAPs are no longer used in their entirety; rather you will be provided with extracts of the pages relevant to the questions in your exam. We still refer extensively to the CAPs in the course and you will need hard copies; if is not practical to do the calculations from the tables on-screen. You may purchase printed and bound copies of the CAPs from us or alternatively download copies here to print yourself.

CAP696 – Aeroplane Mass and Balance Examination Manual


CAP697 – Aeroplane Flight Planning Examination Manual


CAP698 – Aeroplane Performance Examination Manual


CAP758 – Helicopter Examination Manual


Flight Planning LRJT data sheets


General Navigation Almanac extract


Trainee Pilot Insurance

Insurance cover specifically tailored to the needs of pilots.