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ATPdigital is Bristol Groundschool’s propriety Computer Based Training (CBT) software. It is available in MS Windows, Apple Mac OS and Apple iPad versions. The iPad link below take you to the free app on the Apple App Store. The links for the other versions will download installation instructions, containing links to the software files. Please note that with the content, these are all very large downloads and may take a considerable time to download, depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection. You will need a licence key to activate ATPdigital.

Minimum requirements to successfully download the CBT software

Software requirements

PC Version
Microsoft Windows 8 or later

Mac version
Mac OS X 10.14 (Mohave) or later

(Note, this software will not run on earlier OS versions, 32 bit processors or Power PC)

Minimum hardware requirements

2GHz  processor or faster (Apple Macs require 64 bit processor)
20Gb of available hard disk space
(8Gb for download + 10Gb for install)
A Reliable Non-Mobile Fixed Line Internet Connection – minimum download speed  of 1 Mbps in order to activate the program for the first time and whenever you wish to synchronise your results, or download updates.

You should receive two emails. One will contain your username, temporary password, licence key and software number. The second email will have your installation instructions. Please follow the details in the second email to download the software or install from a USB stick, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you experience any problems when loading your software please visit the support page on our website.

ATPdigital for iPad

Once you have activated your software on your PC or Mac you are able to download an iPad version from the Apple App Store. When you open the app, you will be asked to enter the username and password from the welcome email you received; use the same details you entered on your PC or Mac.

On the ‘Dashboard’ you will see, in the bottom right corner of the screen, buttons for ‘Sync now’ and ‘Update content’. We recommend you get in the habit of updating the iPad content at the beginning of a session and synchronise it when you finish. The PC and Mac versions synchronise automatically when you are connected to the internet.

Note, the iPad app needs iOS 10.0 or later to run reliably and updates are not possible for older versions. This document has more details about which versions it will support.  ATPdigital for iPad – devices + OS supported


ATPdigital iPad App

App Store


ATPdigital for Windows

Download and instructions


ATPdigital for Mac OSX

Download and instructions

The ‘CAPs’

The ‘CAPs’ are documents previously published by the UK CAA, containing planning data and charts for the aeroplane and helicopter types used in the EASA/UK CAA examinations. It used to be that you would be issued with one of these documents when you sat the appropriate examination. However, in UK exams the CAPs are no longer used in their entirety; rather you will be provided with extracts of the pages relevant to the questions in your exam. We still refer extensively to the CAPs in the course and you will need hard copies; if is not practical to do the calculations from the tables on-screen. You may purchase printed and bound copies of the CAPs from us here, (select ‘I want to buy course materials or equipment’) or alternatively download copies here to print yourself.

CAP696 – Mass and Balance Examination Manual (Aeroplanes)


CAP697 – Flight Planning Examination Manual


CAP698 – Aeroplane Performance Examination Manual


CAP758 – Helicopter Examination Manual


Flight Planning LRJT data sheets


General Navigation Almanac extract


English course especially for aviation training.

If English is not your first language, Latitude has developed an aviation English e-learning product called Foundation that may be of interest to you. Foundation is designed to prepare students for English-medium flight training. For more information please visit their website –

Trainee Pilot Insurance

Insurance cover specifically tailored to the needs of pilots.