ATPdigital 8 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATPdigital?

ATPdigital is Bristol Groundschool’s bespoke Computer Based Training (CBT) software, used to present our coruse materials.  ATPdigital 8 is an all-new version, released on 10th May 2021.

Does moving onto ATPdigital 8 mean I’ll be on the 2020 syllabus?

No, ATPdigital 8 refers to the CBT software we use to present the content. We do call our 2020 syllabus version 8, but they are unrelated and you can still get pre-2020 content on ATPdigital 8.

Will I lose my progress and results if I upgrade?

No; although you will need to uninstall and reinstall, your existing syllabus will reappear in the new app with your progress to date and history of exam results.

Can I stay on v6?

Yes you may, and it will still function. You will get no further updates, but any tests you take will continue to be synchronised with the server. However, if you need to re-install at any stage you will only be able to install ATPdigital 8.

What are the advantages of upgrading?

There are many new features already in ATPdigital 8 and it will also allow us to roll-out several improvements over the coming months. These include:

  • A new and modern look and feel.
  • Display responsive to screen size, with zoom controls.
  • Multiple format questions rather than just multi-choice, reflecting several exam authorities’ exams.
  • An exam interface that replicates typical ‘real’ exams.
  • Access to the ECQB2020 question bank.
  • 3D interactive models.
  • Improved behind-the-scenes performance and reliability.
  • Continued content, question bank and software updates.
  • 4G/5G compatibility.

What about BGSonline?

BGSonline has also been relaunched; indeed, the new version went live on 29th April, but was also updated on 10th May with the launch of ATPdigital 8.

What are the changes to BGSonline?

Although we don’t use version numbers for BGSonline, this is a totally new site. The website has been re-written from scratch which should lead to better performance. The new features are:

  • New modern and sleek interface
  • Improved test question navigation, replicating ‘live exams’
  • A choice of ECQB 6/7 or ECQB 2020 mock exams
  • Ability to handle multiple question types
  • Submit feedback feature
  • Free text search expanded to include explanations and answers
  • Question date sorting and filtering
  • Improved statistics page
  • Ability to review previous tests
  • Filter by ‘current’ or all questions
  • Ability to view questions ‘show me questions where I have never viewed the explanation’
  • View recent tests
  • Change test results displayed as x questions right out of y questions to % mark
  • Launch of the PPL question bank

How do I upgrade?

There are three versions of ATPdigital; follow the links below to a page with instructions on how to upgrade each version:

ATPdigital for Windows PCs

ATPdigital for Apple Mac OSX

ATPdigital for iPads