Announcing the 2022 Bristol Groundschool British Woman Pilots’ Association ATPL Theory Scholarship

Bristol Groundschool (BGS) and the British Woman Pilots’ Association (BWPA) are looking for enthusiastic women pilots to apply for this year’s ATPL ground school scholarship.

The two winners of the scholarship will each receive an ATPL (A or H) Bristol Groundschool theory course at half the normal price, as part of BGS’s wider ongoing commitment to helping improve gender parity in the airline industry.

Bristol Groundschool is UK & Europe’s leading ATPL, CPL, and IR distance learning provider enabling students to learn from anywhere in the world.

British Woman Pilots’ Association (BWPA) Scholarship Winner, Rebekah Yore
British Woman Pilots’ Association (BWPA) Bristol Groundschool ATPL Theory 2021 Scholarship Winner, Rebekah Yore

The BGS ATPL theory course consists of ATPL lessons on BGS’s pioneering flight training theory software, ATPdigital, a subscription to BGS Webinar Library (a library of over 200 hours of recorded ATPL webinars), a free 12-month subscription to ATPL question bank BGSonline, and revision weeks that can be attended either online or in-person at Bristol Groundschool.

The previous year’s winners of the ATPL Theory scholarship were Gemma Jefferies and Rebekah Yore, who have both since started their ATPL courses with Bristol Groundschool.

Rebekah Yore said “Studying with Bristol Groundschool was almost a given for me. I’ve seen friends go through their ATPL course with BGS and highly recommend it, I’ve heard countless shining reviews from past and present ATPL candidates and the results from BGS courses time and again speak for themselves.”

The closing date for entries is 26th May 2022, with winners to be announced early July. In order to apply for the scholarship, you must be a member of the BWPA, hold a valid PPL (A or H) licence, not be a current BGS student, and currently have or are capable of obtaining a Class 1 Medical licence.

To apply or for more information about this year’s ATPL Bristol Groundschool BWPA scholarship, please visit the BWPA website.